Nice letter to editor about @MizzouBreaks weekenders project in Memphis MO - great partnership @MUExtension @Mizzou

Guess who made the 2016 @Mizzou calendar? No one should be suprised that it's @MizsterB

I've decided to go to college at @Mizzou solely for this reason and this reason only. I need not any other reason.…

@Mizzou @MarchingMizzou this is so freaking amazing😭💕 I'm in love

@Mizzou @MarchingMizzou the THG fandom salutes you, Mizzou. Thank you.

It was a great weekend having both @MizzouLaw Arbitration teams advance to Nationals from Regionals! (cc: @Mizzou)

Congrats to @Mizzou professor (and BYU alum!) David Schramm on his $9.6 million grant for his Show-Me Healthy Marriages project! #BYURise

Coach Pinkel leads the Tigers in his final home game at Mizzou. Photos by Shane Epping and Tanzi Propst.

Saying Goodbye ( photos)

It's Senior Night and Coach Pinkel's final game tonight at The ZOU! You can watch tonight's finale vs. Tennessee on ESPN2. Thank you for everything, GP! #ThanksGP

Our wonderful seniors are ready to crown our FINAL Fan of the Game this year! Also Kaleb may or may not be making a comeback so we'll see you there! 11.21.15.

Congrats to the Terrells, our #MIZVIP contest winners! These @mizzoufootball fans got a VIP tour of the Athletic Training Complex and will cheer on the Tigers in Touchdown Terrace tonight. MIZ!

It's a cold, snowy day at Mizzou. Who's ready for some football?!? M-I-Z! Photos by Shane Epping.

Photos from Mizzou's post ( photos)

Bryson Tiller!

We'll Always Remember You {Part One} One of our three seniors this year is Kaleb. Upperclassmen may remember him as a Spirit Chair for the past two years but this year he is our Gameday Chair. To us, he is known as TL Dad & a man who idolizes both Eric Church & The Rock. As his last game as a student approaches, here is what he has to say about his time with Tiger's Lair. "I am so thankful that I got involved with Tiger's Lair. It has been a great opportunity and has allowed me to meet some of my best friends in college." 11.18.15.

If you're wondering where you can find us tonight.. Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner event is happening now at The MARK, Plaza 900 and Pavilion at Dobbs! Get ready to pig out!

Make sure to join our PAWSitively adorable leadership team for the game this SATURDAY against Tennessee. It's also senior night so be sure to help us also celebrate our three wonderful seniors! 11.18.15.

Memorial Union, University of Missouri-Columbia

Don't change what isn't broken, right? This is about as perfect of a meal as you can get in this weather. Delicious grilled cheese with hot and fresh tomato soup - available now at Kate & Emma's.

Our team would like to thank all of those who came out last Sunday for our annual Games of Champions. We are glad to have had such a huge turnout. We hope you enjoyed the games, because we know we did! 😸 Follow us on our Facebook page at for more events like this and for photos from the game, and help us tag your friends! Also, join our team as we are recruiting more staff! Applications can be found on our Facebook page and are due on Nov 30. Til next time, tigers! #mizzou #international

✈️ time for #Mizzou. Next stop: Cincinnati, Ohio. 🐯🏀 #MIZ

"My responsibility is to win football games to keep my job, but my responsibility is also to develop young men, to impact their lives." All our love to Coach Pinkel! Photos by Shane Epping.

Photos from Mizzou's post ( photos)

Photos by Shane Epping and Tanzi Propst from Mizzou's 20-16 win over BYU!

Mizzou beats BYU ( photos)

What a win for GP! Mizzou beats BYU 20-16 at Arrowhead! Photos by Shane Epping.

Photos from Mizzou's post ( photos)

On behalf of all, I know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of Paris. We are deeply saddened, shocked and grieved by these abhorrent acts of violence. Paris is the city of lights, but last night the lights went out in Paris. We know that in the absence of light, there is darkness; in the absence of good, there is evil and in the absence of love, there is hate. It has been said it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. We illuminate our Columns every night at Mizzou to dispel darkness, evil and hate. As you walk by the Columns tonight and for the next seven nights, please remember the innocent who have died in Paris. Hank Foley Interim Chancellor Photo by Mikala Compton.

Timeline Photos ( photos)

Pirates of the Caribbean set vs. BYU! #MIZZvsBYU #pirates

Congrats to Mizzou men's basketball on last night's season-opening 83-74 win over tournament-team Wofford! Photos by Tanzi Propst.

Photos from Mizzou's post ( photos)

We're sending our love and support to Coach Pinkel in his battle with lymphoma.

Timeline Photos ( photos)

Help us welcome Mike Middleton, interim UM System President! Middleton earned his BA in '68 from Mizzou and his JD in '71. Photo by Rob Hill.

Timeline Photos ( photos)

Our campus has experienced significant turbulence, and many within our community have suffered threats against their lives and humanity. These threats are reprehensible. In the face of these threats, we are grateful to MUPD, which has worked tirelessly to keep our campus safe and secure. This is and will be our top priority. The process of making our campus as inclusive as it must be will not be easy. We have difficult conversations ahead, and we must all dedicate ourselves to learning together. Aware of the hard work ahead, we also must address immediate needs. First, we have additional counselors available at the Counseling Center, Student Health, and Employee Assistance Program, including counselors of color. Second, faculty and staff have already begun organizing learning opportunities for us all. Some of these are campus-wide events. Others are designed for smaller groups. On Friday, we will feature a panel of faculty who will share their teaching experiences this week. These will be the first of many more events occurring on our campus in the months, and years, ahead. More details about events this week and next will be announced as they become available. For those of you who are discouraged, we hope you will see what we have seen in the last fifteen months and especially in the last few weeks. We have watched faculty, many of whom have great expertise in social justice, act with extraordinary compassion to our students, and we have benefitted greatly from our amazing staff who are dedicated to making Mizzou the best it can be. Finally, we have witnessed our brave students who sacrificed their own needs to do work that should have been done long before they joined our community. We feel the weight of the world’s eyes upon us. We will not flinch from the work ahead. Hank Foley, Garnett S. Stokes, and Chuck Henson

Mizzou leadership hears your concerns and condemns threats made against our community. We want you to know we're here and are focused on your safety and well-being. We're working as a team to continue to move forward as a stronger community.

The annual MU ROTC Veterans Day parade was held Sunday. Thank you for your service to our country! Photos by Michael Cali.

Photos from Mizzou's post ( photos)

@mizzou is definitely a pretty cool place

This week’s #HumanofStratComm is Zach Sullentrup! Zach is a senior in the Strat Comm program, but he is also the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, media liaison and manager for his band, #TidalVolume! The band has released 2 EPs and plays show throughout COMO and STL. “I think I'll always pursue music as a hobby if not part of my career, but everything I've learned in strat comm has helped me to think different about how I market and brand myself as a musician.” Zach spent this past summer working as a copywriting intern at @Osborn_Barr and plans to pursue a career in copywriting.

A little electric slide at the Womyn of Color Retreat!

Stop by the @craftstudio for #mizzoucrafternoons this week to make felt ornaments!!!

New #craftstudiostaff for life!

All aboard the Soul Train! Missouri Theatre last night was home to Play the Part, a staple feature of Black Culture Awareness Week. This year’s theme was “Soul Train Awards” where participants portrayed artists from different time periods and labels. Photos by Hanna Yowell

Photos from Mizzou's post ( photos)

These @truetigernet students got their BEAT shirts and are ready for @mizzoufootball vs. Mississippi State! Are you? #MIZbeatMSU

#Repost @secnetwork ・・・ @mizzou, get the drum ready! The @att #SECNation bus is back in CoMo. We’ll be live from #TheZOU Thursday night.

Autumn twilight at #EllisLibrary #mizzou

every day might not be as good, but there is always something good in every day. warm sunny day here at @mizzou ~ can't complain much, but it really is already November! #lifegoestoofast ...

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