The perfect desk décor. #Mizzou

Check out what Askinosie and @Mizzou is doing to save chocolate!…

TJ and I are advocating on behalf of @Mizzou grad/prof students at the #Missouri State Capitol Building. @ASUMMizzou

@Piper Looking forward to seeing you tonight! I hear wonderful things from @Twainiest! Love #OITNB! Welcome to @Mizzou!

Breaking news: The @NSF RCN proposal to build a national BI support network has been funded! And our Susan Renoe @Mizzou is the PI! #BIIS14

We can agree that winter's finally over now, right nature?

Had a great day presenting to and hearing speeches from David Novak, @Mizzou alum and CEO of @yumbrands. Awesome opportunity!

It's official: University of Missouri, Class of 2018! #Mizzou

David Novak #YumBrands! Mizzou alum talking to students about leadership and service #learnfromthebest

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of #Mizzou.

@Mizzou @BigBubbaPerry40 Ty for this article! We will be Mizzou parents next year and our youngest son has Asperger's . Way to go!!!

MUST HAVE for every young woman! Safe Trek App by @Mizzou students Alerts Authorities when You Feel Unsafe via @ABC

My school is so beautiful. @mizzou #tulips

Fashionable clothing options for individuals with special needs are being designed by students at @Mizzou.…

upset I keep missing cool events, @Mizzou might just have too many opportunities. #iwanttoexperienceitall

Last night I had a dream about Mizzou and my classmates...I guess I really miss it being a student back there😔

So this opening number was pretty fierce... Love being a judge for Mizzou Greek Fling!

#Mizzou bookends. 10 am and 8 pm.

Just picked my room @Mizzou . I can't even contain my excitement right now.

@Mizzou New Music Ensemble to perform works by Furrer, McKenney, 5 student composers Sun. 4/27 at Whitmore Hall:…

#Spring around Trulaske can only mean one thing.... It's almost Business Week!

A sight to behold. #Mizzou engineering student Chance Chen shared his cool shot of the lunar eclipse. #bloodmoon2014

View from Memorial Union on this brisk spring day. #mizzou

Everyday I tell myself...almost there, almost done #graduation #May16th #waitonit #Mizzou 🎓😌✊

We've got these photos & more in our #BloodMoon2014 album: Photos by Shane Epping.

Tigers came to the Quad to watch the first total lunar eclipse since 2011. Photos by Shane Epping.

Mizzou Blood Moon (8 photos)

A total lunar eclipse, or "blood moon" is seen near a cooling tower at the MU power plant around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. The eclipse marks the beginning of the "lunar tetrad," or a series of four lunar eclipses in a two-year span. Photo by @gregkb #dslr #nofilter #bloodmoon #mizzou @mizzou #themoon #lunartetrad #eclipse #lunareclipse

Mizzou photog Shane Epping is out shooting the eclipse on the Quad! Anybody else up watching?

Can't wait to be here next year #mizzou 🐯✌️

Winter won't relinquish its hold on campus this year. C'mon, Spring! Photo by Shane Epping.

Temperatures were in the 80s this weekend, but we dealt with snow today. Because Missouri. Photo by Shane Epping.

True to its reputation for ridiculous weather, Missouri is currently experiencing some mid-April snow. #Mizzou

It's too dreary outside, so we found the perfect pick-me-up. Check out the students who made this Mizzou version of Happy!

Thank you so much to all of our support crew this past week! You all were so great and we are so appreciative! A special thanks to Kristi Ray for coordinating our fans! MIZ!

Everybody loves Truman the Tiger, but now you can call our mascot a NATIONAL CHAMP after a win in Daytona! M-I-Z!

Float! Float! Float! #fyb14 #mizzou #cafnr

Parking lot is filling up with boats! #fyb14

Losing family in the 1994 Rwandan genocide forever changed Béa Gallimore. Once content to write books and teach French, the MU professor has found a new mission: transforming the lives of Rwandan women and Mizzou students through her work:

Another gorgeous spring day at Mizzou.

The trees around Jesse are in bloom! (Sorry allergy sufferers.)

ON THE ROAD AGAIN! And switching it up--- #BusPic from the front! #AuburnBound

These Tigers have taken this beach! We're ready to take on prelims! Let's Go! #Smoed #IntermediateCoed 🐯

Günter the penguin and Gonga the gorilla, mascots for The Textbook Game, play the drums and an accordion on Ninth Street during a beautiful spring afternoon. Photo by Shane Epping.

With how nice it is, we know some of you are already thinking about summer. This year, take us with you wherever you go!

Are you in the Kansas City area? Come see the University Singers and University Wind Ensemble for free tonight at the gorgeous Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts!

Meet Louie the Great Dane! He was saved by the determination of College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri students and the skills of their surgeons: Photo by Karen Clifford.

We love alumnus Jon Hamm, but we have to share this video from a dating show in the '90s! Spoiler alert: How didn't she pick him?!?

Significant severe weather will be impacting campus this afternoon. This will likely include severe thunderstorms, lightning, hail and possible tornadoes. Monitor local media closely and be prepared to react.

Tigers put away their umbrellas and take advantage of a break from the rain before predicted storms arrive again this afternoon in Columbia. Photo by Shane Epping.

"I am sure it is a great mistake always to know enough to go in when it rains. One may keep snug and dry by such knowledge, but one misses a world of loveliness." - Adeline Knapp. Photo by Shane Epping.

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