The Mizzou Store greeter Marjorie McKenzie celebrates 50 years of service with Mizzou! Stop by to thank her (and eat cookies) 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow. Thanks, Marjorie, for all you do!

@Mizzou @TheMizzouStore I was there for just a semester. She said hello to me every single day ❤️

Only one week until the Undergraduate Visual Art & Design Showcase! Are you as excited as we are? #MizVAD17

#MajorMondays: From law school to int’l affairs, see where you can go with a @MizzouPoliSci degree:……

“A library is like an island in the middle of a vast sea of ignorance."― A Series of Unfortunate Events……

No idea she'd been with @Mizzou so long! She still makes my day when I go into the bookstore. 😭…

I also followed the @Royals and @Mizzou. My goal is to become more open with people and expand my boundaries. Thanks for your friendship! 😄

Heads up to @Mizzou friends! Great opportunity and very timely

I have just registered for my first college visit with @Mizzou !!!

Double the @Mizzou fun at @CNN today. Filling in on @CNNnewsroom with my girl @nkrasavage!

Score update from #Mizzou Arena. Tigers with the lead! 💪 #MIZ 🐯🏀

Join Dean Elizabeth Loboa, chancellor's search committee co-chair this Thursday for the first open forum.

Want to start your Saturday night off right? Head to the Unity concert, a benefit for Granny's House, downtown at F……

If properly used, @Twitter makes it possible for scientists to follow along with cutting-edge research:……

Something about walking across @Mizzou's campus early in the morning that just makes you appreciate everything about it even more 💛🐯

In Philadelphia I met a women who did an Intl alt break and was grouped with @Mizzou students, said they were amazing! Cc: @MizzouBreaks

Remember your new year's resolution to exercise more? Steven Austin -- and MizzouRec Services & Facilities' posh digs -- can motivate you.

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We've missed you, Tigers. It's good to have you back.

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While Tigers move back into residence halls, Falyn Page gives us a peek at @MizzouResLife on-campus living.

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"Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Video by Shane Epping

On Jan. 9, 1892, 125 years ago, the University of Missouri's Academic Hall was destroyed by fire, leaving behind our iconic Columns.

Hey, future world leaders! This major might be for you.

Our campus sparkles in all seasons! Junior Austin Stege and his dog, Lila, took in winter on Francis Quadrangle today. Photo by Rob Hill.

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It's chilly in CoMo today. But when you tour Mizzou online, you don't have to go outside, and we don't have to walk backward.

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Check out Dr. Katti's groundbreaking research targeting precancerous tumor cells.

There's magic in the air. Hope you're enjoying family and friends, Tigers! Photo by Shane Epping.

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Happy holidays to you and yours, Tigers! 🐯🎄 Photo by junior digital storytelling major Nathan Wright.

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Today is my final day as the voice of Mizzou’s social media accounts, so I probably shouldn’t put off saying goodbye and thank you any longer. I helped launch the accounts and have been posting since the beginning, which makes it even harder. I’ll do my best. What started as an experiment using a collection of my friends, current students and alumni has grown beyond my wildest dreams. Our initial goal back in 2009 was simple: have a bigger and more engaged audience than kansas. Of course Tigers rose to the occasion and smashed those benchmarks in just a few months. We’ve gone on a fantastic journey. I’ve had the honor of celebrating successes, mourning tragedies, being awe-struck by generosity and laughing to the point of tears. Opening the networks every day and not knowing what to expect is one of my life’s biggest pleasures. It’s an adventure, and I still haven’t fully accepted that I’ve reached this one’s end. I know I’ll never forget not sleeping to have gif wars on [sometimes potential] snow days, welcoming thousands of new members of the Mizzou family, going wild on Beyoncé’s birthday, recognizing Tigers of Mizzou, reminding people of what day it is on October 3 and April 25, trolling kansas, and being proud of Tigers of all stripes. I won’t be leaving Mizzou, fortunately for me (your opinion may vary). I’m excited to be taking my next step professionally as a communications manager in the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity and hope we still have the opportunity to interact on a regular basis. I would be remiss to not thank my incredibly talented coworkers over the years for being so great at what they do that I’m constantly driven to improve myself. With every fiber of my being, I believe in the good of Mizzou and the people here because I’ve seen it first-hand as a Missouri native, child of two Mizzou alumni, School of Journalism student and proud alumnus. I hope that through my work I’ve been able to make the university feel like the home it’s been for me, be helpful when you’ve had questions, give a voice to your concerns and even occasionally make you laugh. And I ask that you never forget, especially in contentious times, how much there is that unites us. Thank you for everything. For Mizzou, Ryan Gavin

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